Dra. Lourdes Linzoain

During my undergraduate studies, I discovered and fell in love with Cosmetic Surgery, particularly hair transplants, due to their enormous potential to improve the quality of life and self-esteem of patients. Since 1991, I have provided surgical solutions to men and women with alopecia problems, using the most advanced and effective techniques available.

Each hair transplant procedure is unique and requires a personalized analysis to determine the most suitable technique for each case. My goal is to achieve a natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance in each of my patients, using state-of-the-art technology and my expertise in the field.

Hair transplant surgery is a safe and effective procedure that can significantly improve patient’s self-esteem and quality of life. As a hair transplant specialist, I take pride in contributing to my patient’s well-being and helping them regain their hair and confidence.


Dr. Lourdes Linzoain began her training in Aesthetic Surgery and Hair Transplantation in 1991.

COMMITMENT to my patients

I receive my patients in the first consultation where I carry out a diagnosis and propose the treatment that I consider appropriate.


I only work in a clinic with an operating room that has the mandatory medical-sanitary licenses.

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